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If the water pressure in your fire hydrant is not working properly, it can cause the water to reverse and flow back into your water supply system. This can greatly increase the risk of contamination to the entire water supply and cause extensive damage. At D&R Hydrant Inc., near Las Vegas, NV, we provide backflow testing services that can help you determine if there is a problem with your system.

We us the hose monster for all our fire hydrant backflow testing services. This will reduce the risk of causing any water damage to the area being tested. In addition, this type of testing does not use as much water, which can help save you both time and money. This type of testing also provides very accurate results and can help us detect a problem, if one exists.

Sometimes, minimal work is needed to repair and restore detected backflow problems. However, other time it requires significant work to ensure that any backflow problem is corrected before it causes any contamination to the water supply. To reduce the risk of any type of backflow problem, we recommend the installation of a backflow devise that will prevent any water from reversing back into the water supply.

If you select to install a backflow device, our expert backflow tester will provide the backflow device testing you need to ensure it is working properly. We also offer a full five-year warranty for all customers who enter into a five-year agreement with us. This will allow us to monitor your fire hydrants properly to ensure they are in good working condition all year long.

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